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CAW Fitness




Posted on July 14, 2016 at 4:50 AM

Welcome to the CAW Fitness blog!

Isn't this all very exciting, so first of all welcome to the CAW Fitness website, we hope that you have found all you are looking for and all the information needed to help you on your CAW journey. Check back here regularly to see updates, interesting facts about our beautiful instructors and events that are happening in the future.

We have some very exciting things coming up, be sure to check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages too, where you can also see updates and pictures of our gorgeous unicorns flourishing!

So to start off our brand new blog, please welcome our stunning mother unicorn Tamara.

Tamara is owner and lead instructor at the CAW Fitness studio, Tamara is qualified with a BA Hons in Musical Theatre, Level 3 Diploma in Special Needs Childcare, a qualified Pole Fitness, Aerial Hoops and Aerial Yoga instructor, Beginners Silks, trapeze and Cord Lisse instructor, as well as holding an Exercise to Music qualification and Level 2 in Nutrition.

Is there no end to her skills? As well as all of this she also offers out nutrition and lifestyle advice and inspires her students everyday with her positivity and laughter that is infectious, she has created a safe environment where students can be themselves doing what they love to do! To add even more to this she is a childrens entertainer and plays various characters such as princesses, fairies, superheroes and pirates at the weekends! How fun!!

So of course we would love to know an interesting fact about her, wouldn't we?

So here it is, Tamara is actually a natural blonde somewhere underneath all the flowing red hair!

Isn't that cool?

So with that build a door in your castle wall and see where it takes you...



Let your light shine!


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