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Bend & Balance

Flexibility and balance is an essential element in the mobilization and functioning of our joints in everyday life. It can prevent injuries and the tightening of the muscles in the body. Increases in flexibility can loosen aches and pains in areas of the body, yet also promote relaxation and compliment any form of aerial discipline. The use of traditional yoga balances and acro balance can aid in strengthening muscles in all areas of the body. The use of dynamic technique movement aids in alignment and toning of the muscles to create strong tendons and ligaments, as well as conditioning the body to achieve wanted output and impact in dance routines and movement. At CAW we offer group bend and balance classes where those who are looking at becoming more flexible can understand the basic stretches and balances to increase flexibility in specific areas of the body as well as aiding the body in achieving output within dance movement and power behind those long awaited dance moves.

Taught over a 45 minute session, Bend and Balance will enable you to learn the basics of hand balancing, dance technique, acro balances as well as enhancing flexibility in any area of the body. A great class to compliment current training and those looking to loosen up with the aim of touching their toes or achieving their splits!

Bend and Balance classes taught with a maximum of 10 participants per class. Crash mats, yoga mats, Yoga blocks and other equipment is provided for by the CAW Fitness studio.

Bend and Balance sessions are £8 each or included within our packages and memberships as a 'fitness class'.

Booking is essential prior to all classes to avoid disappointment. Please book a place through our GO TEAM UP online booking system (Online Booking link below) to secure your place. Payment can be made through our online system.

Please note that we have a cancellation policy of 24 hours notice. If you are unable to attend your class you will be liable for the full chargeable rate with NO REFUND. Bulk class passes cannot and will not be extended over their expiry date if not used within the purchase time frame. if you have any queries about your purchase please contact us directly.